Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

P90X Day 7 and 8

Day 7 for P90X is a rest day.  It let me relax and let my muscles get a break.  It was needed and appreciated.  So I took it easy and enjoyed the day.

Day 8 is back to chest and back.  It was back to the push ups and pull up bars.  I did better than I did the week before.  I was able for the most part do more on each set.  Not a lot more but a few more.  Progress.  As well, I was able to get through more of the disc.  I almost finished it, but the last push ups was a little too much.  Hopefully next week I will be able to get through the whole disc. 

There are all sorts of people that do P90X.  Some can start out doing more than others.  The point is to get stronger each and every day.  What I couldn't do on day 1 I might be able to do on Day 90.  So far the progress is going well.  I look forward to seeing the progress everyday. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

P90X Day 5--Legs and Back and Day 6-Kenpo X

I completed P90X day 5.  It focused on legs and back.  I enjoyed this work out, it was tough but worth it. 

Day 6 was Kenopo X.  This is my favorite work out so far, this is a cardio work out.  It dealt with punchs and kicks.  You could really feel the burn.  After I was done, my shirt was full of sweat.  The punching and kicking was a lot tougher than I thought, however I was able to make it through the whole work out.

Tomorrow is Day 7 and will be just a stretch day.  Then it is to repeat the first week over again and hopefully see some improvement already!

Friday, January 4, 2013

P90X Day 4

Today was P90X day 4--Yoga

I never done yoga before, I remember my friend Dan telling me when he did this it was the most he ever sweated and that it is tough.  That was always in the back of my mind.

Boy, was he right.  This was tough, even though you are doing yoga, it uses muscules that you haven't used in a long time.  It was enjoyable but hard, I was unable to complete the whole disc, but I know in time I will be able to. 

A lot of these exercises are a lot harder than you think, however if you keep at it and work hard, eventually I will be able to get through the whole exercise.  I did good though and is pleased, I look forward that in a week I will be doing it again. 

Tomorrow I will be doing legs and back.  In the morning I am going for a three mile run and then playing some basketball at the Mundelein Rec Center.  So when I get home in the late afternoon/evening I will be doing the legs and back.

So far P90X has been great and tough.  I look forward to each day to the new exercises and getting stronger.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

P90X Day 3

Today was day three of P90X and it consists of shoulder and arms. 

Most of the exercises you just use a dumbell.  I used a 15 pound dumbbell.  This was a decent weight, however for some of the exercises I wished I had a little heavier, I would have been able to do more weight.  However, for a lot of the exercises the 15 pound worked great.

The exercises were broken up into five different groups.  Each group had three different exercises, that you did twice.  So a total of 6.  With all the groups together there was a total of 30.  I felt good doing the exercises, I could feel the burn.  As well, some of the exercises were tough and I pushed my way through them.

After all of this I did the Ab ripper X.  I only was able to get through half of this.  I could feel it in my stomach as well as in other parts of my body.

Overall, I liked this work out today.  Tomorrow I do yoga, and I hear it it tough.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

P90X Day 2 -- plyometrics

Today was day 2 of P90X.  When I woke up in the morning, I was sore.  I could feel my arms feeling sore, it probably was because I was using muscles I haven't used for a while.  Feeling sore to me is great, it knows that the work that I am putting in is working and will get me results.

For day two of P90X is plyometrics.  Plyometrics are drills designed to connect strength with speed to produce power. Also known as "jump training," this technique emerged in Eastern Europe in the early 1970s. Coined by American track coach Fred Wilt, the term derives from the Latin plyo + metrics, or "measurable increases." Plyometric training relates to any activity that requires speed and strength, as it improves your ability to run faster, jump higher, and maneuver in multi directional sports. If your game involves a court, field, track, mat, pool, ring, rink, or mountain, Plyometrics can help

I truly feel that this training will help with my legs, jumping, and speed.  It is a tough workout and a lot to get through.

So I started the workout.  Most of the work outs are 30 seconds, but usually the fourth work out is 60 seconds.  You do the four work-outs, do them again and get a break.  After that, you usually add something to each work out to make it tougher and work you out more.  It is very tiring and exhausting. 

I loved this work out.  However, it was very hard.  I know over time and going through the process I will get better and be able to do them faster and do them more.  Towards the end of the work out, I was tired and was not able to maximize my work out.  It was getting really hard, I was exhausted.

Shortly after the work out, I had my protein shake and sat on the couch.  I was sleeping with in 10 minutes.  It was a great work out that made me exhausted.  I know that it will get better in time, and I know this work out is for real and will help me get stronger and faster.

I look forward to day 3, I will be doing shoulder and arms!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

P90X Day 1

I have a few Friends who have done P90X and I have talked with others about it.  There are countless testimonials of it online.  It is an at home workout and also it guides you with proper nutrition.  Both parts will need to be completed to be able to get the best results. 

The first part the work out I did today.  There are a total of 12 discs and you rotate the discs, there is a guide that will let you know what discs to use on what days.  It switches up during the 90 days, because it wants to confuse your muscles and build more muscle. 

Today I did disc 1, this disc is chest and back.  These exercises mainly consist of different types of push-ups, pull-ups and a couple of dumbbell exercises.  There is a total of 12 exercises and your are supposed to do them twice.  You follow the people on the disc as they do the same exercises. 

I knew it was going to be tough, and boy was I right.  I actually did the 12 exercises one, not twice.  This was because most of these exercises I have not done in a long time, and my muscles were exhausted.  I know, continuing with P90X, everyday I am going to get stronger and I will be able to do it twice.  The work out felt great, my muscles got a good work out and I can definitely feel the burn.  I am disappointed that I didn't do the first round twice, but I know in time I will.  I also know, that by documenting my reps in each exercise, I will see my reps improve. 

As well with the work out, another very important component of P90X is nutrition.  You need to eat the right foods and keep hydrated.  This part will be hard as well.  I like all different types of foods, even if they may not be the best for me.  I need to be disaplined, I know there will be times where I will eat some foods that I should not.  However, I will keep those as special treats and work out extra leading up to eating the food. 

You are supposed to eat frequently throughout the day and a lot of food with protien in it.  Day 1 was good, I ate healthy food through out the day and I never really was hungry and I was satisfied.

I am going to stick with P90X for the 90 days and I know by the end of it I will see results.  I expect to lose some weight as well as gain muscle. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

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It is almost the new year, and with the new year are always resolutions.  One of the most common is to exercise more, eat better, etc.  Mine is just like it, however since I currently exercise, mainly run, it isn't really a resolution, except I am going to try some newer things. 

I am going to start P90X on December 30th.  I am going to continue my running on my own, but hopefully start more muscle building and eating a little bit better.  I am not going to lie to myself and say I am only going to eat healthy.  However, I am going to do my best to eat healthier, drink less pop, juices, etc. 

I plan on sticking to the diet, but I will induldge from time to time.  I am excited to start, I figured it would be better to start after the Holiday's just because of all of the temptations.  I have the P90X cds already, some dumbells, push-up bars, and now just have to get a pull up bar.

I plan on posting almost daily, just about the work out as well as how the nutrition is going.  This will start on the 30th and continue till April. 

Below is a quick two mile run I did at the Mundelein Rec Center today. 

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